How to Earn Money While Shopping!

In my previous article, I tackled couponing. How fun and exciting it was to save and get a bunch of free stuff right? But what if I tell you that you can get more? You can also earn while doing all that shopping trips! Want to learn how? Read more!

Currently, there are already tons of mobile applications that we use daily. Some are games, health trackers, expense trackers, photo filters, social media, and many more. But there is more to that. There are apps that can earn you money by just scanning receipts and using it for online purchases. This is called cash back.

Coupon Apps

Get Cash Back from a Wide Range of Retailers through Ebates

  • Ebates This is more than just a coupon app. Ebates is a huge platform of over 2,000 online retailers that allows you to get a certain percentage of cash back from purchasing. Percent cash back ranges from 1%-40% depending on the retailer and shopping season.

More than just an online cash back app, you can also redeem through Ebates when you link your credit /debit card and use in-store to over 30 retailers such as WalMart, Macy’s, Target and more. You do have to activate rebate and load it in app before shopping, but you don’t have to send or scan receipt after.

Certain retailers on Ebates also offer discounts. Seasonally, some retailers offer an average of $3-$10 discount which deducts during check-out to lower out-of-pocket on top of the cash back that will be redeemed on Ebates.

Rewards are paid quarterly with a minimum amount of $5.00. You have an option to have it sent to your Paypal or check through mail. The app is free, and you can earn $10 bucks after first purchase, click here to download.

Check in and Check out. Redeem Offers up tp Five Times

  • Checkout 51 is one of the most popular couponing rebate apps. The beauty of this app is that it lets you redeem offers for up to five times as compared to other apps that usually have a limit of three. This means that, if you buy an offered item in multiple quantity, you can redeem rebate for each item even if it is in a single transaction.

This app has hundreds of offers every week which resets every Thursday. It also offers a “bonus” on Fridays if you redeem a qualifying offer during Wednesday. You can redeem offers even after your shopping trip. Just clip the offer and scan your receipt.

You get paid via check sent to your doorstep. Apparently, that is the only way they send payments. But as soon as you reach $20 (which is not that hard), you can already request for a payment sent to you!

Receive $10 bonus by signing up here.

Go Crazy with a Wide Range of Offers with Ibbota

  • Ibotta Many considers Ibotta as the best rebate grocery app. This is because, Ibotta offers a more traditional couponing approach as compared to other apps. Offers usually reset every two days mostly and you can use it again. You can even redeem some offers up to three times using the same receipt.

In order to redeem or cash out, you need a total of $20 in your account. They usually pay through Paypal. It is easy to accumulate rebates using this app. A $10 heads up will be given to you when you sign up using this link or put this referral code: boseudp after redeeming your first offer within 30 days.

Ibotta is not limited to grocery items. They also offer rebates for other retail items such as clothes, hotel vouchers, and miscellaneous items when you buy online through the Ibotta app.

Rack up Points and Get Free Gift Cards with FetchRewards

  • Fetch Rewards This app uses a different scheme as compared to Ibotta and Checkout 51. It follows points accumulating system, in which you earn points by scanning receipts with purchased participating items on them. The points you earn depends on the participating item offered during that cycle. 1000 points is equivalent to $1, and you can cash out when you accumulate 3000 points or $3.

Using your points, you can exchange it to gift cards to retailer of your choice. Download Fetch rewards now and earn your first 2000 points equivalent to $2.00 in bonus! Put in promo code: QB4FB to redeem the bonus. Scan away and earn points for free shopping gift cards!

Get a Direct Deposit and Save with SavingStar

  • SavingStar is a coupon app that let’s you link store loyalty cards for an easy in-store transaction. You can also scan your receipt after a grocery shopping trip. You can save money on selected participating grocery items by activating offers before your trip and with the linked store loyalty card (if applicable) to get the maximum credit for rebate.

There are two types of redemption with this app. The individual product offer and the “one to many”. The individual product offer is simple and straight forward. When you purchase a participating item, you get the rebate. As compared to the “one to many” offer, this is valid longer and with a higher threshold and higher rebate value. You can continue to work on your offer til you meet your threshold to get the rebate. Offers for Savingstar usually resets every Thursdays and Sundays.

One good thing about this app is, they have a low payout. When you each $5.00, you can already request for payout which can be sent through Paypal, or paper check.

Save on Clothes, Shoes and More with RetailMeNOt

  • RetailmeNot is one of the largest sources of coupons for both online and in-store purchases. It offers over half a million coupons from roughly more than 50,000 participating retail stores. This app is very easy to navigate, just type in the name of the store or brand of the product in the search bar, and it will show all the offers available. All deals are all in real time, meaning, deals and offers may vary everyday depending on the availability through the offering retailers.

Aside from the deals and offers of discounts, when you purchase through the retailmenot app, you can earn cash back, which, when accumulated through time can be redeemed and used for your next shopping trip. Another one good offer from this app is the selection of discounted gift cards. Discounts range from 1%-25% off regular price.

Scan and Earn Receipts with CoinOut

  • Coinout is very easy and straight forward to use. Using the app, you can earn cash back through online purchases. After a valid online purchase through participating merchants such as EBAY, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Gamestop, and more, cash back will be credited to your account. Another way to earn is to scan receipts. In my experience, I just scan grocery receipts and it automatically adds the percent cash back to your account.

Pay out with this app can be redeemed through bank transfer, gift cards and Paypal.  

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